Khmer tour Banteay Meanchey 7-8

Khmer tour Banteay Meanchey 1-6

Weaving Handicraft

51 km (1h:42mn) From Provincial Town. Location: Road No. 6, Srah Chik Village, Poy Char Commune, Phnom Srok District.

Tra Peang Thmar

Trapiang Tma is located in Phnom Srok districk, about 56kilometers east of the provincial town. It is a natural site similar to Kangva Basin, but larger. There are fewer activities for tourists, however, because Trapaing Tma is farther from the provincial town.

Trapiang Tma is rich in gray cranes, an endangered species. Gray cranes migrate to Rattanakiri annually to lay their eggs. When their offspring are big enough, the cranes return to Trapiang Tmar, because there is more food here.

Sculpture Handicraft

24 km (48mn) From Provincial Town. Location: Road No.6, Chungcheang Village, Phnom Chungcheang Commune, Preahnet Preah District.

Phnom Svay

1 km (2mn) From Provincial Town. Location: Nature Wildlife Preserves, Road No. 5, Kortan Village, O' Ormpel Commune, Serey Sophorn District.

Phnom Chuncheang

3km (6mn) From Provincial Town. Nature Wildlife Preserves, Location: Road No. 5, Toek Tla Village, Toek Tla Commune, Serey Sophorn District.

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